Our Awards

Modern Landfill INC.

Environmental Excellence Award

eeaawardlogoIn 2005, Modern Landfill received an Environmental Excellence Award from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for its project that “developed a process to convert the gas generated by the landfill to electricity that powers the facility, supplies the power grid, and provides heat and light to the green house complex growing hydroponic tomatoes. The gas from Modern Landfill is used to generate 5.6 megawatts of electricity by Model City Energy that is sold back to the New York power grid. In addition, the heat generated in the process of burning the gas in Caterpillar internal combustion engines creates waste heat, which is also captured in another recovery process. This heat and a small fraction of the electricity generated are then used to heat and light an adjacent 7.5 acre hydroponic greenhouse complex, “H2Gro”, where vine-ripened tomatoes are grown and profitably marketed. The facility’s fugitive landfill gas emissions have been reduced by 85%.” – NYSDEC Pollution Prevention Evaluation Program, 36 Month Report, March 2009.

Modern Landfill INC. of Ontario

2015 Niagara Falls Chambers of Commerce Business Award

This Award was presented to Modern Landfill INC. of Ontario for achieving financial success, experiencing continuous growth, offering a dependable service and provides an outstanding workplace for its employees.