Special Organic Services

The SOS Program (Special Organic Services) has been launched throughout the Niagara Region in an effort to collect and recycle Commercial Organic Waste.

“This unique commercial application will be used primarily by clients wishing to divert their compostable green waste created as a result of their businesses. Restaurants, Hospitals, Shopping Mall Food Courts, Cafeterias and Schools would all help the environment by diverting green house gas producing compostable waste from Landfills.”

If the average business is producing 2 yards of Organic material, the diverted volume represents about 1 ton of waste that should be diverted from landfills and reused as organic compost. That represents 5.2 trucks per year NOT going to the Landfill, but to a compost facility to be reborn as sterile, soil enriching material.

“Food Service providers across our country are facing mounting solid waste disposal problems. Now, more than ever, reducing waste and beginning a real impactful Organics Diversion portion of your business plan is critical.

Modern provides containers of various sizes for both the inside and outside of your food service business. Each receptacle will be sterilized after service. Additionally they will provide training to your staff regarding the program. Your clients will recognize you as a community leader and your businesses will be rewarded with a special SOS “Compost Creator” Wall Plaque indicating their Green Diversion Partnership with our Environment. As part of the “Buy Green” initiatives found everywhere, Modern Landfill Inc is very excited about this major Green diversion effort.

We’ve all heard the Mantra, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Modern Landfill believes that preserving our environment should be a priority for every home and business. Some business benefits would come from increasing your environmental credibility, when attracting and retaining clients to your location. A commitment to this program is a commitment to preserve our earth.

Modern Landfill has been an industry leader in the recycling world for some time. Through a network of vehicle tire vendors, modern has set-up a partnership with some of the industry leaders for their old tire recycling initiatives. Kal-Tire is one of their tire vending partners. Through their industry foresight, Modern collects their old used tires throughout Ontario. The end result of the effort is a product that can be used as gardening decorative mulch, equestrian arena ground cover, playground sand replacement or in sports fields as a base for artificial turf. The uses are endless.

Modern also owns and operates Material Recycling Facilities that process Tin, Steel, Aluminum, Cardboard, Mixed Waste Paper, Plastics and Glass.

The recent implementation of the LEED program has also allowed Modern to assist various businesses in meeting their LEED targets. As a provider of industrial recycling solutions, they are capable of allowing very large scale recycling. Concrete, asphalt, wood, drywall, metals, roof shingles and other demolition byproducts can all be reused. As a local provider of these Green Services, Modern Landfill Inc. continues to push the boundaries of sustainable growing diversion efforts.

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