WGRZ’s “Recycling Revealed” Series

We’d like to thank WGRZ and Michael Wooten for helping Modern educate WNY residents on recycling this past week! If we all do our part to recycle – and recycle correctly – we can make our communities more sustainable and protect the environment for the future. Watch all four installments of WGRZ’s “Recycling Revealed” series below.

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2021 Earth Day Cleanup in Lewiston, NY

On Saturday April 17th, Modern employees gathered to clean up Lewiston in celebration of Earth Day! All of us at Modern are committed to recycling, sustainability and making environmentally-focused choices – both at home and in business.

We’d like to thank both the Town and Village of Lewiston for supporting us and helping make this event happen. We also truly appreciate our employees coming out to help us keep our host community clean and beautiful!

12 Ways to Reduce Your Waste

Before purchasing an item, ask if it contains recycled materials.

1. Do your research before going shopping so you can make informed buying decisions.

  • People often purchase items with less sustainable packaging simply because those items are more convenient, and many items that are difficult to recycle have packaging that tells you it’s recyclable. Remember that just because something is technically recyclable, doesn’t mean that it’s practically recyclable.  Please refer to our recycling guide whenever you need to remind yourself which items are the best/easiest to recycle!

2. Talk to store employees to find sustainable alternatives to items with unnecessary or hard-to-recycle packaging.

  • If you are having trouble finding something made of recycled content or packaged in easy-to-recycle packaging, just ask the store employees! Sometimes there are items you haven’t tried or noticed before that are packaged more sustainably

Buy products with limited packaging or bring your own packaging.

3. Bring reusable packaging and purchase items from the bulk bins.

  • Bulk bins are a great way to cut back on packaging. You can bring glass jars or reusable bags to the store and fill them with items in the bulk aisle!

4. Choose products packaged in glass, cardboard, and paperboard rather than those packaged in plastic.

Cut back on your water usage.

5. Use low-flow shower heads and toilets.

6. Repair leaky faucets and hoses.

Cut back on your electricity usage.

7. Shutdown electronics you are not using and unplug all idle electronics.

8. Use LED light bulbs.

9. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

Cut back on your fuel usage.

10. Drive only when needed and walk, bike, carpool or take public transportation when possible.

11. Avoid idling by turning your car off whenever parked for more than 10 seconds.

12. Only heat your home when necessary.

Important Service Information for Middleport, Somerset, Barker, Newfane, Cambria, and Pendleton


If you are receiving this information for a property you own in Niagara County, NY, please direct your residents to the information on this page.

Your community is improving the garbage collection residents receive. The new program will begin January 1, 2021 and feature the following:

  1. A new wheeled trash tote provided to you by the Town/Village

  2. The collection of 3 bulk items once per month

  3. A cleaner, safer community due to the implementation of automated side loader trucks and 95-gallon totes

You can begin using your tote immediately after you receive it.

Please ensure the handle of the tote is facing the house, and that totes are 2 feet apart from all fixed objects (mailboxes, recycling totes, etc.)

Please contact your Town/Village Hall or Modern Disposal Services with any questions.

Thank you,

Modern Disposal Services, Inc.


The Town of Somerset: 716-795-3575

The Town of Newfane: 716-778-8822

The Town of Pendleton: 716-625-8833

The Village of Barker: 716-795-3777

The Town of Cambria: 716-433-2468

The Village of Middleport: 716-735-3303

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We focused on “reuse” for the month of April, and shared information on both how you can reuse materials before disposing of them.  Please find a summary of everything we posted below!

How You Can Reuse Materials

There are many ways that we can all reuse materials at home, rather than throwing them away or recycling them. Check out the tips below and try to implement some of them in your day-to-day life!

Did you know that window enveloped are recyclable? Even though they have a small piece of plastic, that plastic comes away from the paper during the recycling process and can be removed easily. Even though these envelopes are recyclable, consider trying to reuse them by covering old addresses with labels, tape or Wite-Out!

85% of textiles (clothing, footwear, towels, bedding, etc.) are disposed of in landfills each year. That’s about 21 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste each year! To reuse those textiles and keep them out of the landfill, consider donating them or making them into rags for cleaning or fabric for sewing projects.

Cardboard egg cartons are the only type of egg cartons that can be recycled in your residential recycling tote! Foam cartons cannot be recycled in your household recycling tote. However, consider trying to reuse the foam cartons (or even the cardboard cartons) in some projects at home! Check out the link below for ideas:


We know that many parents are now looking for fun activities to do at home with their children. Consider trying this one, and reuse empty tin cans to make a bowling kit!

The CDC is now recommending wearing cloth face masks in public, where social distancing measures are more difficult to take (grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.) These masks can help slow the spread of the virus as well as help people who may have the virus but do not know it from transmitting it to others. Cloth face masks are easy to make and give you the chance to reuse some old household items you no longer use! Try one of the tutorials below from the CDC to make your own mask at home.

How Modern Reuses Materials

Over 60% of Modern’s fleet currently runs on Compressed Natural Gas. However, all of our trucks currently running on CNG will soon be switched over to RNG – Renewable Natural Gas!

RNG is gas resulting from the decomposition of organic matter, which has been processed to purity standards. Running our fleet on RNG allows us to #reuse the gas that is naturally produced in landfills and anaerobic digesters as fuel, creating a closed loop disposal process! Fleets that run on RNG can achieve a near-zero carbon footprint!

We all know how important it is to Recycle, but Reduce and Reuse come first!  It is crucial that we all reduce our waste and reuse our materials before even thinking about recycling!

We focused on “reduce” for the month of March, and shared information on both how you can reduce your waste and how Modern reduces waste.  Please find a summary of everything we posted below!

How You Can Reduce Waste


On average, 1 billion trees-worth of paper are wasted each year in the United States.  While paper is recyclable, it is also easy to reduce the amount of paper you use.

If you have an account with Modern, consider signing up for MyModern!  MyModern is the easiest way to manage your account and services. In addition to reviewing your account information, you can also pay your bill online and go paperless! This is just one more way you can reduce the amount of paper you use.


By reducing your time spent idling, you can decrease harmful emissions and reduce air pollution.  0.4 gallons are wasted per hour when idling with an average-sized car, and 20 pounds of carbon dioxide is released with every gallon of gas.  By turning off your car, you can be part of the solution!


Switching to LED light bulbs is another great way to practice sustainability and reduce electricity use.  LED light bulbs use 2-17 watts of electricity; that’s 1/3 to 1/30 of the electricity used by incandescent or CFL light


Of all plastic produced, 40%  is packaging!  161 million tons of plastic are produced just for packaging.  To reduce your contribution to this statistic, try to purchase products with limited packaging or bring your own sustainable packaging and shop from the bulk bin, unpackaged produce, deli counter, etc. whenever possible!

How Modern Reduces Waste

Did you know that over 60% of Modern’s fleet runs on CNG? Operating Compressed Natural Gas trucks is just one way that we reduce our footprint every day. Switching to CNG trucks from the diesel alternative reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 20%! They also run quieter, so you can sleep undisturbed while we operate in your neighborhood early in the morning.

Our commitment to efficient routing and use of GPS technology is another way we reduce our fuel output. In addition to reducing wear and tear on roads and maximizing route efficiency, it also reduces the energy used for transportation, decreasing our carbon footprint.

Modern also reduces our waste by the design of our landfill!  This includes leak detection and collection – we collect any methane emitting from the landfill and pipe it back into the ground, keeping the atmosphere free of contamination!

Modern Disposal Services Strengthens Construction & Events Services by Acquiring Ball Toilet & Septic Services

Modern Disposal Services Inc., a growing and fully integrated solid waste services company, announced today that it has acquired the assets of Ball Toilet & Septic Services, Inc. An established and well-respected service business, Ball Toilet & Septic Services has served Western New York for over 25 years. The acquisition of Ball strengthens Modern’s construction and events services offering throughout Western New York.

“We are excited to welcome the employees and customers of Ball Toilet & Septic to Modern,” said Mike McInerney, CEO of Modern Disposal Services, Inc. “Ball’s strong record of service and customer loyalty pairs perfectly with our culture and approach at Modern. We look forward to linking Ball’s proud history with Modern’s capabilities to support our growing construction and environmental services business. I’m excited for what’s to come.”

Winter Storm-Commercial Pickup Delay

Commercial Collection Delayed. Friday March 2, 2018. Commercial Dumpster collection is delayed by one day in the US due to weather conditions. We will completing our Friday routes this Saturday. Thank you for your patience.

Attention Village of Angola Residents

The Village of Angola Trash Pickup will remain the same. Wednesday pick up for garbage and recycling.
Your Trash & Recycling will continue to be picked up weekly. Please use your normal recycling bin.
Use the newsletter you received in the mail for reference only. Thank you for your understanding.