Modern Consultant

Let Modern be your trash and recycling solutions consultant, it’s our core business.

With over fifty years of experience and knowledge of best practices, Modern’s Waste Consultants are ready to help you solve your most challenging solid waste management problems. We will help you achieve your waste and recycling goals.

Whether you are re-examining your current waste and recycling options, bringing your program into compliance with environmental and safety regulations, trying to meet rigorous waste reduction and recycling goals, or seeking to reduce costs, we will work with you to develop creative solutions that meet your needs.


Modern can help you make informed decisions to help you cut costs and create a program that works best for you.

We will work with you to collect data, known as a waste audit, to help you make your decisions. Our waste audits:

  • Identify opportunities to divert waste to recycling.
  • Quantify waste streams to establish a baseline and monitor waste reduction and recycling goals.
  • Estimate the market value of your recyclable materials
  • Advise on container placement, signage and other changes that encourage proper use of recycling programs.

At Modern, we are resourceful with creative solutions that help you meet your goals and progress into the future. It’s worked for us for over fifty years.


Modern will work with you to identify materials in your construction and demolition debris that can be diverted for reuse or recycling, helping you save money and be green.

Our L.E.E.D. specialist can guide you through the steps necessary to obtain valuable L.E.E.D. Certification to achieve your environmental goals, and your customer’s goals.