Modern makes recycling simple. With Modern’s single stream technology simply place your paper, plastic containers, glass bottles and metal cans into one convenient recycling container.

We do the messy sorting, keeping your areas cleaner, reducing your trash and freeing your employees for more important tasks!

To see all of the items you can now include in our single stream program, visit our recycle-guide-thumb“What can I recycle” page.


Placing electronic waste in your trash containers is illegal in New York State. It can also be costly because of potential identity theft issues or release of sensitive data.

New York State law requires electronic manufacturers to provide free electronic recycling. Also, for a list of local registered electronic recycling centers and collection sites visit:


Do you have a lot of paper, records, or documents?

Print shops, legal offices, heavy paper volume companies, let us help. From record and document destruction to large volume paper recycling, we have the perfect program for you. We can keep your offices and production areas clear letting you focus on the work at hand. Get in touch with us today.


Do you generate large volumes of cardboard? Let Modern setup a customized cardboard program for you. From smaller dumpsters to balers and compactors on site, we can do it all!

We can also take care of your stretch wrap nightmares.

Let us help you today.


Is your business ready to expand its recycling program?

Modern’s food scraps collection and composting program may be just what you need. We’ll collect your fruit peels, vegetable cuttings, coffee grounds, etc and process them into compost that will be used to help plants grow.

Contact us for details.


Let Modern save you time and money. With years of industry knowledge, our staff has worked with local businesses in every field. We will help you determine what size and how many containers you need to optimize your recycling program.

Indoors or outdoors, large or small, one container or many, we can help.

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