Important Service Information for Middleport, Somerset, Barker, Newfane, Cambria, and Pendleton


If you are receiving this information for a property you own in Niagara County, NY, please direct your residents to the information on this page.

Your community is improving the garbage collection residents receive. The new program will begin January 1, 2021 and feature the following:

  1. A new wheeled trash tote provided to you by the Town/Village

  2. The collection of 3 bulk items once per month

  3. A cleaner, safer community due to the implementation of automated side loader trucks and 95-gallon totes

You can begin using your tote immediately after you receive it.

Please ensure the handle of the tote is facing the house, and that totes are 2 feet apart from all fixed objects (mailboxes, recycling totes, etc.)

Please contact your Town/Village Hall or Modern Disposal Services with any questions.

Thank you,

Modern Disposal Services, Inc.


The Town of Somerset: 716-795-3575

The Town of Newfane: 716-778-8822

The Town of Pendleton: 716-625-8833

The Village of Barker: 716-795-3777

The Town of Cambria: 716-433-2468

The Village of Middleport: 716-735-3303